The terms and conditions set out here apply between the website visitor (hereinafter referred to as “client” or “user”) and the company PJA – Pousadas de Juventude dos Açores, Unipessoal, Lda., which uses the following names “Azores Youth Hostels (AYH)” and “PJA”, as well as any commercial transactions carried out through the platform

This company, whose headquarters are located at Rua São Francisco Xavier, 9500-243, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, with legal person identification number 512042446, owns the following commercial establishments (accommodation), to which these terms apply :

Azores Youth Hostels Santa Maria, on Rua Frei Gonçalo Velho, Vila do Porto;

Azores Youth Hostels São Miguel, on Rua São Francisco Xavier, Ponta Delgada;

Azores Youth Hostels Terceira, in Negrito – São Mateus, Angra do Heroísmo;

Azores Youth Hostels São Jorge, in Cana da Vinha Nova – Fajã Grande, Calheta;

Azores Youth Hostels Pico, on Rua João Bento de Lima, São Roque.


The user must pay attention to all terms, conditions and other policies that govern the use of the website and that concern making online reservations. If you do not agree with the terms set out, you should not accept them or use the platform.

Azores Youth Hostels reserves the right to change these terms at any time, simply posting the changes online on the website. The user must be responsible for checking and complying with them each time they are used.


Use of the website

The use of the website and online accommodation reservation is only intended for people of legal age, with full capacity, who can be responsible for the commitment resulting from the purchase made.

The website and services associated with it cannot be used for illegal and/or illicit purposes.

The personal data provided will be processed by Azores Youth Hostels, where the user recognizes that they are true and correspond to reality. Azores Youth Hostels cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the information provided. This data will be treated in accordance with the clauses in the Privacy Policy.

Azores Youth Hostels reserves the right to suspend or close the website and its sales, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

We are not responsible for any losses resulting from computer viruses, malfunctions, interference, interruptions or disconnections of the operating system that may prevent access to browsing or the provision of services.

Azores Youth Hostels reserves the right to modify at any time and, without prior notice, all information and commercial offers presented regarding services, prices, promotions and commercial conditions.

If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please contact us at:



Confirmation of the reservation through the website creates a contract between Azores Youth Hostels and the customer, governed by these terms, which are accepted by the customer by validating the check box for that purpose on the reservation form. In addition, the customer must be aware of and accept the privacy and cookie policies.

When making any reservation, the customer must fill out the respective form correctly, indicating the desired accommodation, entry and exit dates, the applicable rate and the number of people, specifically the children and babies who will occupy the accommodation, always subject to availability and confirmation by Azores Youth Hostels, as well as the correct indication of personal data and payment information.

The customer must always inform Azores Youth Hostels about the inclusion of children and babies in their reservation, as this may be subject to the number of cots and/or extra beds available, as well as the space available in the accommodation unit.

The prices displayed on the website concern the bed, in the case of dormitories, or the room (in the case of other room types). The total value of the reservation varies depending on the number of nights, the number of people who will occupy the establishment, the selected rate, as well as other characteristics that may be presented to the customer when making the reservation.

If a reservation is made for a number of people greater than the normal capacity stipulated for each room or dormitory, we may have to place an extra bed, which may not have the same comfort and quality as the other beds in the accommodation. It should be noted that the useful area of the room or dormitory where the extra bed will be placed will be reduced, a situation identical to the placement of children's beds.

All online reservations include breakfast.

Making reservations, changes and cancellations underlying them may be subject to the payment of fees, which will be disclosed to the customer at the time of making the reservation.

After confirmation of the reservation details by the customer, they will be assigned a reservation code, which will be sent to the email address provided. This code is essential and must be referenced in all contacts established with Azores Youth Hostels.

All documents requested by Azores Youth Hostels must be presented by the client, who assumes full responsibility for possessing and obtaining them. The customer must inform themselves in advance which documents they need to present at the establishment, and the lack or omission of any of the requested documents may lead to the cancellation of the reservation by Azores Youth Hostels.

Final reservation prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.

The customer is solely responsible for obtaining means of transport to enable them to enjoy the contracted services.


Accommodation, cancellations and refunds
Azores Youth Hostels offers, subject to availability, twin rooms with private or shared bathroom, triple rooms with private or shared bathroom and the possibility of booking beds in a female or mixed dormitory.

The characteristics of the accommodation are those stated in the reservation. However, since the photographs were not taken on the day the reservation was made by the customer, there may be non-substantial differences between the photograph and reality on the date of enjoyment of the contracted services. However, these do not give the customer the right to any modification of the previously established contract.

Cancellation policies for reservations made through the website are governed by the contracted rate.

Entries and exits: The accommodation can be used from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and must be left by 11:00 am on the day of departure. Any changes to the provisions must be duly communicated and validated with our team, before the reservation is confirmed.

No show/late show: if the client does not show up at the accommodation by 11:00 pm on the day scheduled for entry (with the exception of the Azores Youth Hostels de São Miguel, Ponta Delgada, whose opening hours are extended until 11:59 pm on the day allocated for entry) and, whenever your delay is not communicated to our team, Azores Youth Hostels reserves the right to disregard your reservation, without suffering any imputations underlying this act.

Any goods and/or services made available to the customer, where the customer chooses not to use them, are not refundable.

Upon departure from the property, all fees for services provided must be paid by the guest and, when necessary, fees will be charged to your credit card by the property.

Whenever justified, the accommodation unit may be replaced by another of the same or higher category, by written agreement with the client and without an increase in the price paid by the client.


Standard Rate: Your reservation can be canceled, free of charge, up to 72 hours before the day stipulated for arrival at the accommodation (in the case of a Standard reservation). If you cancel your reservation less than 72 hours in advance, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Non-Refundable Rate: The non-refundable rate allows cancellation of the reservation, but invalidates the refund of the amount paid (either in full or in part).

If you do not check-in on the stipulated arrival date (until 11:00 pm on the day of arrival, with the exception of the Azores Youth Hostels de São Miguel, Ponta Delgada, whose opening hours are extended until 11:59 pm), We reserve the right to cancel your reservation without providing a refund of any amount paid.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify reservations where an invalid credit card is identified, or where a customer is involved in fraudulent or inappropriate activities. However, we also reserve the right to cancel or change any reservations that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.


Promotions and discounts
Azores Youth Hostels may carry out certain promotions and discounts on reservations made by customers on the website, whether temporary or permanent.
In order to benefit from certain promotions and/or discounts, the customer may be asked to enter a promotional code or pay for the reservation in advance.

The promotions and discounts mentioned above are always subject to availability.
In the event of cancellation or non-use of a reservation made as part of a promotional campaign, the value of the discount applied will not be refunded nor will it be guaranteed to be reapplied to another reservation.



Consult the payment methods underlying each reservation type (Standard or Non-Refundable).

Standard Rate: The amount indicated on the reservation form will be held on your credit card in full, and will be withdrawn only 3 days before making the reservation. In this sense, your credit card details will be requested for the purpose of blocking the amount in question. This is a prerequisite to be able to benefit from the contracted reservation.

Non-Refundable: The amount indicated on the reservation form must be paid by the customer in full, consisting of a prior requirement to be able to enjoy the contracted reservation.

Payment for the reservation must be made via credit/debit card.

You will be asked, when making the reservation, for information relating to your credit card, for the purposes of guaranteeing the reservation, which the customer expressly accepts and authorizes. Azores Youth Hostels is committed to protecting the information entered in accordance with the terms set out in the Privacy Policy.

Azores Youth Hostels is not responsible for the payment of any bank fees and/or other costs that are beyond our control, arising from payment for the reservation.

The final prices shown include value added tax (VAT) at the legal rate in force.



Any changes you wish to make must be communicated to Azores Youth Hostels in advance, and are subject to acceptance or not. These changes may imply changes in the price and/or payment of fees, calculated depending on the type of reservation, selected rate and date of change.


Exclusion of the Right to Free Termination of the Contract and Cancellations

Under paragraph k) of article 17 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 14 February, the Customer (consumer) does not have the right to freely terminate the contract within 14 days. However, the Customer is free to withdraw or cancel the accommodation reservation at any time, under the following terms:

If the customer cancels a paid standard rate reservation, up to 3 days before the day of arrival at the accommodation, the amount paid will be refunded in full, deducting any transaction costs that have to be incurred by Azores Youth Hostels with the operation. If the cancellation is communicated by the Customer less than 3 days before the start of the service, there will be no refund, the amount being the compensation due to Azores Youth Hostels.

Non-Refundable rate reservations preclude the customer from receiving any refund due to cancellation of reservations.



All Azores Youth Hostels establishments have a physical and online Complaints Book. To lodge a complaint about a service provided, you must request the respective book or access the website


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Pursuant to Law No. 144/2015 of 8 September, the customer may also resort to the Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entities duly indicated in the list made available by the General Consumer Directorate at, which we advise you to consult.


Intellectual property

Azores Youth Hostels is the owner of all intellectual property rights present on the website.


The user declares to have read and understood these terms and conditions, as well as the policies associated with them. You further acknowledge that this is the complete and exclusive declaration of the agreement between you and PJA – Pousadas de Juventude dos Açores, Unipessoal, Lda. (Azores Youth Hostels), which derogates from any previous proposal or agreement, written or oral, and any another communication between you and PJA – Pousadas de Juventude dos Açores, Unipessoal, Lda. (Azores Youth Hostels), relating to the subject matter of this contract. You also acknowledge that making a reservation on the website implies a payment to PJA – Pousadas de Juventude dos Açores, Unipessoal, Lda. (Azores Youth Hostels).


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