The Miosotis Award

Another step towards sustainability

Although tourism can often have economic advantages and a positive impact on the local community, there is often a negative environmental impact associated with travel and the tourism industry overall. From airlines to hotel chains, tour operators to AirBnB hosts, all travelers and entities alike are urged to practice more sustainable tourism and commit to doing more to protect the environment.

The Project

The Misosótis Certification was created to recognize local businesses here in the Azores that are taking steps to implement environmentally friendly practices, and we at Azores Youth Hostels are very proud to be part of this sustainability-focused initiative. 

The Action Plan

All of the required measures that Azores Youth Hostels complies with under the Miosótis Azores certification can be found here. We are also going to do our part to comply with the sustainability measures outlined in the Cartilha da Sustentabilidade, along with a number of other initiatives we are willing to implement on our own since we believe that you can never give too much back to nature. Some of these initiatives include the total elimination of plastic use in our hostels, the use of water filtration machines, a more intelligent management of the use of chemicals and much more. For further information about our environmental and social plan please contact us and we’ll be pleased to share more.